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Category: RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month : Get Off the Bench!

Part of the mission of the Ten Men organization is to provide non-violent men with information on how to stop domestic violence every day. And this month will be no different. However, throughout the country, October is designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” bringing even more attention to this critical issue. Domestic Violence Awareness Month […]

Paying Our Way Out of Violence

The Ten Men Initiative is one borne out of a desire for men from all walks of life to help end dating and domestic violence through teaching other men how to help the victims of such abuse by reaching the abuser. In Rhode Island, Ten Men is the first statewide effort that consists of prominent […]

News from the State House in the Fight Against Domestic Violence

On June 18, 2015,  the Senate approved legislation to create a new fund targeted at preventing domestic and dating violence in the state of Rhode Island. The bills were sponsored by Maryellen Goodwin and survivors, advocates and community members showed up in an act of solidarity to the State House to encourage movement on the […]

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